The Real Culprits Behind Roof Leaks

The Real Culprits Behind Roof Leaks

Roof leaks occur because of different reasons. Without knowing the possible culprits, it’s hard to stop them before they happen. According to Koziatek Contracting, these are the usual suspects:

Broken Flashing

The very purpose of flashings is to waterproof the most vulnerable areas of your roofing system, namely valleys and protrusions. These thin sheets of metal deteriorate quickly because of the elements, cracking over time. The tar used to seal them corrodes as well. Any unaddressed broken flashing would almost certainly lead to leakage at some point.

Shingle Damage

Asphalt shingles deal with strong winds, heavy downpours, intense snowfalls, large hailstones and steamy summers. Even if they’re designed to withstand all these natural threats, the beating they constantly receive will eventually take its toll.

Moreover, poor attic ventilation can accelerate their wear. The trapped heat beneath your asphalt shingles will fry them, causing them to curl and age prematurely. The more they lose their protective granules at the top and sealant at the bottom, the weaker defense they put up against wind-driven rain. Timely roof repair jobs are necessary to replace damaged shingles early and head off leaks.

Ice Damming

Ice-dam buildup prevents snowmelt from draining. The longer these ridges of ice sit atop of your roof’s surface, the more your shingles are drenched with water. In addition, their collective weight will wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity.

Even if you’re used to having ice dams every winter, they actually don’t form naturally. Poor attic ventilation is one of the main causes of ice damming. Without breathing out excessive heat, your roof becomes hot enough to melt the snow at the top only to refreeze it at the edges, which are colder.

Gutter Clogging

Any experienced roofing contractor would say that clogged gutters and downspouts don’t just cause roof leakage, but also siding, landscaping and foundation damage. Plus, gutter clogging increases the chance of ice dam formation.

The aforementioned causes may be the usual suspects, but the real culprits behind roof leakage are incorrect installation, menacing weather, poor maintenance and old age. To gain a deeper understanding of your roofing system’s condition, let Koziatek Contracting inspect it on your behalf. Call us at (314) 837-8262 today to schedule your free consultation in St. Charles, MO.