Roof Repair or Replacement? Which One Should You Do?

Roof Repair or Replacement? Which One Should You Do?

When your roofing project is due to start soon, you’re going to have to decide if what you’ll be doing is repair work or replacement. In some instances, repairing your roof is the better choice, but there are times when a full-blown replacement is more practical. Koziatek Contracting offers tips to distinguish between one and the other.

Roof Repair

Repair And Replacement

As a general rule, repair work on the roof is necessary if you want to address a specific problem on the roof, such as a torn-off shingle or a patch of the roof that needs servicing. On the other hand, you need replacement when you’re addressing a structural problem in the roof. Long-term moisture damage is a good example.

Serviceability And Age

Roof repair is usually the better option if your roof is still serviceable and relatively in its early years. If the roof shingles have been damaged by inclement weather, for example, then repair work is required and should be done as soon as possible before more problems arise.

An exception to this scenario is when the roof is nearing the end of its life span. For context, asphalt shingles have an average life span of 15 to 25 years. If your roof is 20 years old and is in need of repair, then it will be economical to just replace the roof. Repairing an old roof is no longer a smart choice because the cost of repair is higher and your roof may require follow-up repair work in the future. In the end, it will cost almost as much as a replacement.

Granule Loss

You need replacement if your roof shingles have experienced severe granule loss. Repairing it won’t actually do much; you’re not actually addressing the problem, after all, which is the loss of the waterproofing layer of the shingles.

As the top roofing contractor in the area, we suggest checking your gutters and see how much granules are in it. A few are harmless, but if there’s a large amount of it on the system, then it’s time to replace your shingles to prevent severe water intrusion.

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