Flat Low-Slope

Koziatek Contracting, Inc. Has the Solution for Your Residential Low-Slope Roofing Needs

Traditionally, flat or low-slope roofs were installed on buildings and other commercial structures. Today, they are becoming more and more popular for residential roofing. This type of roofing has slightly different material and structural needs than its steep counterpart. Basically, the low, almost flat pitch of the roof allows water to roll more slowly off the surface. In addition, low-slope systems face the sun more directly than steep roofs. This means extra care and attention is necessary when picking out low-slope roofing material and during the actual installation.

Generally speaking, low-slope roofs have a pitch, measured as a ratio of height to width, that is less than 4:12. Roofing systems selected for low-slope application should have these three essential features: weatherproofing layers, reinforcement, and surfacing. They need to be resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and harsh weather to perform effectively. If you’re looking for the right low-slope system for your needs, Koziatek Contracting, Inc. has the solution.  


What It Means to Invest in Residential Low-Slope Roofing

As a modern alternative to traditional steep roofs for residential properties, flat or low-slope roofing serves as a great option for many Missouri homeowners. Koziatek Contracting, Inc. offers a wide selection of low-slope roofing for homeowners looking to renovate or replace their current systems. These options offer unparalleled benefits, including:

  • Waterproof membranes – Missouri residents know all too well how damaging local storms can be. Fortunately, you’ll find comfort under a low-slope roof installed by our experts at Koziatek Contracting. Make sure to invest in regular maintenance too, and you’ll never worry about a leak from a storm again.
  • Reinforced strength – Low-slope systems are engineered with highly durable built-up or rubber membranes. These membranes add strength and resilience to your system, making sure it remains protected from harsh UV rays, hail, and anything else Mother Nature throws your way.
  • Safe and easy maintenance – Unlike steeper roofs, low-slope systems feature an almost flat surface, taking away the danger of falling when you climb up for inspection or maintenance. This makes cleaning and other activities so much easier.
  • Cost-effectivenessMost of the time, low-slope roofs are easier and less expensive to install than pitched roofs. Furthermore, their natural durability will help prevent costly repair in the future, allowing you to dedicate more of your budget to other renovation tasks.


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