Metal Roofs for Residential and Commercial Properties

Metal Roofs for Residential and Commercial Properties

Metal is seeing a rise in popularity as an upgrade to asphalt shingle roofing. Although it has been traditionally thought of as appropriate only for commercial properties, it’s now one of the top residential roofing alternatives due to its higher durability, weather tolerance and longer service life.

Metal Roofs

In this post, Koziatek Contracting explains why metal roofing is a great option for both commercial and residential properties.

A Durable Roof for Your Home

Metal roofs are among the most durable and resilient roofs available for residential properties. They’re also one of the most weather-tolerant, able to resist extreme heat and rain.

Unlike wood, asphalt and even tile, metal roofs retain their form even under extreme conditions and temperature fluctuations. These advantages are just some of the reasons our roofing company recommends metal roofing as an upgrade for your next roof replacement project.

Low-Maintenance Commercial Roofs

Let’s face it: the last thing you want to worry about when running a business is the roof. There’s plenty of other things you should be focusing your energy on. That’s why it really pays off when you invest in a durable and low-maintenance roof for your commercial property.

Metal roofs fit that description to a tee. Its higher durability, weather tolerance and resistance to scratches and punctures give it low-maintenance properties that not even higher-rated roofing materials like slate and tile can match. Metal roofs are also energy-efficient and easily release the heat they absorb. This immunity to passive heating is valuable if you run a business with temperature-reliant inventory.

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