How to Pick The Right Roofing System For Your Home

How to Pick The Right Roofing System For Your Home

You can choose from several residential roofing systems and all of them have their own share of benefits they bring to your home. For each system, though, you also have some things to consider. Koziatek Contracting discusses these factors below.

Roofing System

Durability And Elemental Resistance

The durability and resistance to the elements should be the first on your list. Asphalt shingles remain a reliable choice for many homeowners because they have respectable durability and resilience to both heat and water. Most asphalt shingle roofs last for 15 to 20 years.

For a stronger and more durable roofing system, though, our roofing company suggests roofs with higher grade materials, such as tile or metal roofing. Both boast higher strength than asphalt shingles and have longer life spans as well.

Appearance and Architectural Style

Most roofing systems fit almost any home architecture, but some are better off on certain homes than others. Tile roofing is better for older homes and Mediterranean inspired ones due to its inherent old world charm. Asphalt fits both traditional and contemporary homes, whereas metal roofs are better installed on homes with ultra-modern architecture.

Is Flat Roofing an Option?

Flat roofing is often restricted to commercial properties as traditional homes have complex and restrictive roof structures. As a general rule, though, flat bitumen and low-slope roofs are better for more modern designed properties where the roof is often completely flat to begin with.

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