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Sustainability is hardly a new concept in the commercial roofing industry.Nevertheless, roof coatings have been receiving increased attention and recognition amidst stringent environmental regulations and building codes. This is because their application has become a proven option for building owners or managers to maintain and restore their aging roofs economically, while reducing environmental impact.

When it comes to professional roof coatings application in the  St. Louis and St. Charles City and County areas, Koziatek Contracting, Inc. is definitely the company to call. Our family-owned business has delivered thousands of custom roofing solutions for well over three decades by working hard to provide exceptional quality, top-notch products, and superior customer service. From start to finish, we will work closely with you to get the job done right on time, so you can get the best from your roof coating project for years to come.


Why Roof Coatings?

Under the right conditions and when installed correctly, coating systems are as good as or even better than the original roof. Here are some reasons to consider coating your commercial roof system:

  • Prolonged Roof Life Span — Roof coatings add a seamless layer over your entire roof for enhanced protection against degradation caused by years of exposure to UV rays, saline air, and other pollutants. They also provide solid waterproofing that effectively seals pinhole leaks, and prevents future leaks.
  • Energy-Efficient Reflectivity — Thanks to the reflective and emissive properties of coatings, roofs can enjoy lower temperatures, which in turn reduces energy use on the HVAC system and more comfy interiors.
  • Environmentally Friendly  Recent studies estimate that roofing projects can generate up to 40% of construction waste that enters landfills. Since roof coatings extend the current lifespan of a roofing system, they prevent the need to tear off and dispose of the old insulation and roofing membrane, which drastically reduces landfill waste. In addition, many coating options contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are toxic to the atmosphere.
  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal — Applying a roof coat enhances the beauty of your commercial property, since these coatings come in a variety of colors that can complement your buildings’ existing style and décor.


Commercial Roof Coating Application

Here at Koziatek Contracting, we always make sure to take the proper steps towards applying a roof coat so it delivers best results. We start by inspecting your roof to ensure there are no repairs needed. It is best practice to make all necessary repairs before applying a roof coating. The roof will also need to be clear of dirt and debris to facilitate a smooth application.

Applying the coating is a pretty straightforward task which is done by spraying or roll-applying the coating onto the roof surface. Give it a day or two to cure properly and expect to have a brand-new roof.


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