Built-Up Commercial Roofing: The Features and Benefits

Built-Up Commercial Roofing: The Features and Benefits

Built-Up Roofing is the most popular roofing solution for commercial properties. As its name implies, this roofing system is made up of several layers of bitumen surfaces and finished with an aggregate layer or coating. But what exactly makes it the smart choice for low-slope and flat roofing? Koziatek Contracting discusses more.

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Better Elemental Resistance

Low-slope and flat roofs are inherently vulnerable to water and moisture damage since their lack of and minimal slope, respectively, means water will pool on the surface of the roof. Built-up roofing reinforces the roof’s elemental resistance, and the multiple layers of bitumen give it waterproofing properties that surpass similar materials.

Our roofing contractor highly suggests installing this system since it also performs well in any inclement weather. The same bitumen layers that protect it from moisture damage also give it unparalleled resistance to UV light intrusion. All these combined make it a low-maintenance roof that can last a very long time.

Material Finishing Options

Unlike other roofing options, you also have many material finishing options to choose from. The primary finishing options are gravel and similar minerals, and when applied to built-up roofing, they reinforce its physical resistance even more. Gravel, in particular, is inherently sturdy and choosing this as a finishing option can actually extend its operating life span.

Does BUR Roofing Need Repair?

As with any roofing system, it will eventually require repair work. Even something as sturdy as built-up roofing will require repairs eventually. Luckily for you, cracks on the surface are very easy to fix and often just require another asphalt coating or your choice of finish.

Even though it’s easy to take care of, we suggest you let us do the roof repair for you. Our team can identify problem areas that you might miss, and our experience means you can count on us to address roof issues before they become bigger and more expensive problems in the future.

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